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Financial literacy

#FLIGHT 2023 Sign-up

We know you must have many questions about your new life in Denmark and we want to help. #FLIGHT aims to empower newcomers to navigate their finances with confidence and achieve their full potential in their new home. The program also seeks to create a community where newcomers can connect with others who have similar …

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artistic woman

Getting WISE about improving your Business and Growing its Potential

We are all familiar with motivational calls of “follow your dream”, “pursue your passion” and right after we get questions like “can you live off that”? The world is full of talented people that should follow their passion; the brave ones go for it and the WISE learn how to do it. With the aid …

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Erasmus+ WISE project

WISE – Women: Innovative, Successful, Empowered On March 1, 2021, the Erasmus+ WISE project was officially initiated. Six women representing five European countries have set to support crafty and artistic women in their endeavor to perfect and sell their art and to create their own jobs in the process. We Are Entrepreneurs (Denmark) is part …

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Erasmus+ ENTER: Self Awareness diagnostic tool workshop

Yesterday I got to try out the Self Awareness Footprint® as part of the adaptation of the diagnostic tool in the career mentoring training program we are developing in the Erasmus+ ENTER project.
Like all of us, I took many personality tests and, by now, I have a pretty good understanding of my attributes. This tool, however, is designed around the qualities and working style making it very specific for recruitment and/or career guidance.
My results are featured in the last photo below, and I think they are very accurate. Another awesome feature in the interview-related advice I got at the bottom of the report, making this report not only informative but actionable.

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Erasmus+ ENTER project

“ENTER to Learn; Depart to Serve.” Mary McLeod Bethune On February 4, 2021, partners representing seven European countries met online to kick-off the Erasmus+ ENTER project. While not an official partner on this project, We Are Entrepreneurs was invited by Step by Step Iceland to contribute with the expertise in mentoring, to provide feedback around …

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