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Empowering Rural Entrepreneurs: A Look at Nordplus Co-in-CO Project Outcomes

Introduction to the Project

Our Nordplus Cooperation in Competition Project aimed at empowering rural entrepreneurs in the Baltic and Nordic countries and Greenland has reached a successful conclusion. This project focused on enhancing the digital and entrepreneurial skills of adult educators and trainers and their learners from micro and small businesses. With an emphasis on sustainable business practices and collaboration, the initiative has provided these communities with the tools needed to thrive in the digital age.

Comprehensive Results and Tools Developed

1. Enhanced Digital Competence: Participants across the regions have gained vital skills in digital literacy, including data protection, social media usage, and e-commerce. These competencies are crucial for the digital transformation of rural businesses, enabling them to compete in broader markets and secure their data against cyber threats.

Access our comprehensive E-Course on Digital Skills for Rural Entrepreneurs, free of charge, to explore these topics at your pace.

    2. Strengthened Cluster Networks: One of the standout achievements of this project has been the establishment and strengthening of cluster networks. These networks facilitate cooperation among businesses, combining resources for mutual benefit, and creating a supportive community environment that fosters significant economic and social benefits.

    The Book of Business is now available as a key guide for creating and nurturing these networks. It provides detailed insights and practical steps that can be implemented by any rural entrepreneur.

      3. Development of Training Materials: A suite of training materials has been developed and translated into seven partner languages, ensuring that the tools and knowledge are accessible to a wide audience. These materials have been designed to be directly applicable, offering real-world advice and exercises that businesses can implement immediately.

      View and download the Training Materials for Rural Entrepreneurs, including presentation slides and comprehensive guides on entrepreneurship, digital skills, and cluster formation.

        4. Future Prospects and Ongoing Support: The project may have concluded, but the resources it has developed will continue to support entrepreneurs and educators. Future initiatives will build on this foundation, extending the reach of our project’s impacts and continuing to support the growth and development of rural businesses.


        The outcomes of this European project represent a significant step forward in the empowerment of rural entrepreneurs. By providing them with the skills and resources to excel in a digital economy, we are helping to ensure that these communities can thrive. We encourage all stakeholders and interested parties to download and utilize the resources provided, and to continue the journey towards a more connected and resilient rural business landscape.

        Visit our project website to access all the tools and resources developed through this initiative. Join our community of proactive entrepreneurs by engaging with the materials and applying the strategies discussed. Together, we can build a brighter, more sustainable future for rural businesses across Europe.

        Click here to start your journey with our comprehensive resources and training materials.