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We focus on entrepreneurship, however, our courses are designed
to provide transferable skills that can be used in todays’s job market.

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RE-CREW aims to research the recruitment process in SMEs in participant countries and to create tools that, when adopted, will lead to cost reductions, lowed employee turnover, and increased employer branding.


FLIGHT aims to help female expatriates develope digital finance skills for their better socio-economic inclusion into host communities, effective self-employment, financial independency as well as sustainable saving and investment patterns.


Co-in-Co aims to support small businesses hit by Covid19 in the partnering countries build resilience through cooperation in clusters and acquisition of digital skills.


WISE aims to support crafts & arts women in acquiring and developing basic skills and key competences in creative entrepreneurship, contemporary opportunities, and innovations, while growing and strengthening their network.

We are constantly applying for projects to bring relevant training programs to you. While we focus on entrepreneurship, our courses are designed to provide transferable skills  that can be used in todays’s job market.

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