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Hello, I’m Diana Medrea-Mogensen, and I help growth-mindsetters like you Move Forward in an intentional, successful and fulfilling way, so you can live the life you are dreaming of.

With proven business tools and your dedication, you will soon start to see things going your way, and build momentum by creating sustainable work practices and a safety net of plans that will help you Move Forward when things get difficult.

I have seen clients go from feeling frustrated and almost give up on their dreams to be confident in their efforts and enjoy their results, just by changing the way they assess, prepare and show up for challenges.

I’m here to help you get your growth-mindset on and become CEO of your life.

I know how you feel

I was once in the same position as you are now. Feeling stuck and unsure of what to do next, or what the best thing would be for me. At some point, I didn’t even know what I liked or disliked anymore.

Then I asked myself, what if my life was a business in need for a change of management? What if I need a new CEO to change strategy and bring in a new perspective? And I did just that. I got all my business and project management books out and I started to do a restructuring of my life using the same methods businesses do.

I soon realized that successful people had a lot in common with successful companies. They think strategically and long term, they are authentic and true to their selves while being disciplined, they are helping others, and they do it all with a precision that only strategic planning and research can do.

The Move Forward program was born as a result of my 7 months of self-discovery, life restructuring, and strategic planning. I got so much value from the entire process that I started sharing it with people that were also feeling stuck or needed more structure in their lives. Soon enough the program was done and tested.

Here’s a little secret

Everything you dream of, everything you admire in your idols, everything you wish you were, you already are, you already have it, or, at the very least, it is within your reach. This is not me saying it, look it up! The only thing staying in the way of you achieving everything you want is self-discipline and structure.

Coaching help me and it can help you get where you want to go faster, but it starts with you and your willingness to make changes, to learn and to grow.

Fast track your own journey as CEO of your life by booking a free online coaching session today or by checking out the self-coaching material available as tools, downloadable content, videos, and blog posts I created for you.