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Our mission

We Are Entrepreneurs‘ mission is to support small businesses and individuals aiming for job-market integration through entrepreneurship by providing free access to training opportunities. We exist because we strongly believe that education is key to success in business, but also in life and that everyone has a right to it. We strive to offer our high-quality courses free of charge for our learners and we create small communities around our programs.

Our story

We Are Entrepreneurs was born from Diana Medrea-Mogensen’s desire to provide free access to knowledge and education for people who want to create their job through entrepreneurship in the metropolitan area of Copenhagen, Denmark, just as she did several times since she first came to Denmark in 2011.


Why is this needed?


In Denmark, education is free, including higher education. Municipalities offer upskilling and reskilling opportunities for free. A myriad of organizations offers entrepreneurial programs. However, most of the educational offer is in Danish and/or exclusively accessible to students or paying members of organizations.


Denmark also has one of the toughest job markets to enter and many people turn to entrepreneurship to make a livingIn addition, those who would benefit most from entrepreneurial knowledge are people who start their businesses because they have a great skill they can explore, but they do not necessarily have the money or language knowledge to take one of the available courses.


Diana’s story is not unique, and like many others, she got much help and education on her entrepreneurial journey. She understands firsthand the value training programs and the network that is formed in them can bring.

Our offer

We offer a variety of training programs developed under funding from the European Union and the Nordic Council of Ministries, in strategic partnerships with organizations from European countries.

One of the biggest benefit of our courses is the communities that the participants form. Our courses have a very limited number of spaces, so we prioritise our members. To become a member you need to provide us with your name and email address so we can contact you when a new training opportunity is available.

Project development
Our experience applying for funding for educational projects provide us with a valuable perspective. Our expertises are: research/needs analysis, project design, risk management, financial management, evaluation and reporting, etc. If you want to talk to us about your own project ideas and funding, get in touch.

Consultancy services
We will gladly help you in your project management, grant applications, training sessions, etc. Get in touch today.

Our team

Diana Medrea-Mogensen 
Founder, Project Developer and Trainer

Zayana Pompaeva 
European Project Manager and Trainer