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Join the Flight to Prosperity Event: Navigating the Path to Financial Success

Embark on a Journey of Financial Enlightenment

Welcome to the “Flight to Prosperity” event organised by We Are Entrepreneurs and hosted by the European-Ukrainian Hub, an exclusive gathering designed to celebrate the remarkable achievements and insights of the FLIGHT project. This event is more than just a meeting; it’s a vibrant forum for stakeholders passionate about financial literacy, investment strategies, and European economic development.

Why You Should Attend:

Gain Crucial Financial Skills: Equip yourself with essential financial competencies that are vital for professional, entrepreneurial, and personal growth.
Engage in Rich Discussions: Participate in dynamic discussions and gain fresh perspectives on various financial topics.
Network with Experts and Peers: Connect with experts and like-minded individuals to expand your professional network.

Event Program

  • 15:30 – 15:45: Arrival and Check-in
    Start your journey with us by checking in and preparing for an afternoon of insightful sessions.
  • 16:00 – 16:45: Understanding #FLIGHT
    Presented by Diana Medrea-Mogensen and Zayana Pompaeva, this session offers an overview of the FLIGHT project’s results, activities, and key conclusions, followed by a plenum discussion on “Financial Skills for Integration”.
  • 16:45 – 17:30: How Danish Banks Think
    Marie Birna Olafsdottir from Finklusiv will guide you through maintaining a good relationship with this essential financial partner.
  • 17:30 – 17:45: Break
    A brief interlude to refresh and prepare for the next enlightening session.
  • 17:45 – 18:30: Demystifying Taxation in Denmark
    Join Irina Dicusara from IDconsult ApS for an informative session on Danish taxation.
  • 18:30 – 19:30: #FLIGHT to Prosperity Panel Discussion
    Engage with our panelists Kathy (Kasia) Borys Siddiqui, Julia Madsen, and Hatla F. Johnsen in a lively discussion.
  • 19:30 – 20:30: Dinner and Networking
    Conclude the event with a delightful dinner and an opportunity to network with attendees.
    Event Details

Date: December 7, 2023
Time: 15:30 – 20:30
Location: The European-Ukrainian Hub, Nicolai Eigtveds Gade 24, 1402 Copenhagen
Format: Hybrid (Join in-person or online)

Register Here* and secure your spot on this enlightening journey.
RSVP by December 4, 2023

*This event is open for everyone and it is catered. Please register to ensure we provide food and drinks for everyone.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to broaden your financial expertise and connect with professionals in the field. Join us as we navigate towards enhanced financial understanding and unlock new horizons for growth.