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This course was designed to help artists acquire the very necessary entrepreneurial skills, contemporary opportunities awareness, and innovative concepts that can help them build a successful business.

  • Module 1: Creative Entrepreneurship
  • Module 2: Contemporary Opportunities
  • Module 3: Innovations

Fresh-up (on) Economics!

This course was created to help citizens have a real say in democracy by first acquiring the economic knowledge necessary with the right tools.

Through the 13 modules, you are guaranteed to enhance your economic knowledge in many areas, such as:

  • Economic Growth and Sustainable Development
  • Economic Strategies to Manage Crisis: Austerity vs. Government Investment Schemes
  • Women’s Economic Empowerment.

Cooperation in Competition

This course is designed to help small businesses build resilience by learning how to work in clusters with other businesses in their area. Two modules as dedicated to learning digital skills and tools that can improve operations and lead to better business results.

  • Module 1: Entrepreneurship in Cluster Networks
  • Module 2: General Digital Skills
  • Module 3: Digital Skills for Entrepreneurs

This course will be made available during the first half of 2023.

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Our courses are developed through projects with funding from the European Commission and Nordic Council of Ministries.