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How do you even start planning?

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You want to make a change in your life, but you don’t even know where to start. I’ve been there so many times that I developed a tool to help me and you get clarity when confusion fogs my judgment. Try the Clarity Booster if you are not sure what to focus on right now.

Now that you know what you want to work on, let’s make an actionable plan. When making a plan is important to follow a certain thought process so you don’t end up losing precious time doing something too soon or wait for something else to be done before you can move on.

planning made easy

This picture sums up the process I use when planning something and it works every time. When you think of a project, even a small one like a birthday party, it is hard to know where to start, how long it will take or what you need. That is why it is important to plan accurately.

Let’s put this method in practice with an example.

The birthday party elephant

– Celebrate Dave’s birthday on July 20
– Have a party for 20-25 people
– Planning and organization need to be done by July 20!
– I have 3 months to get this done
– My budget is $$$
– The birthday party will be a hit if we manage to surprise Dave, party until 2:00 AM and dance all night.
This is basically a description of what you want the party to be. Make sure you describe your project well because it will help you make quick decisions later on.

– Step 1: Secure a location
– Step 2: Invitations
– Step 3: Secure provisions
Note that the party cannot fulfill the requirements from NAME IT if any of these steps are missing. It is important to observe that correlation when you make your own plans.

Step 1: Secure a location
– Probably the first thing to do to make sure that there will be a party on July 20
– Make a list of all your desired locations
– Call each one of them to research availability and pricing
– Potentially go and visit them too
– Make a list of the services they offer (you will need this in Step 3)
– Reserve the location

Step 2: Invitations
– Make a list with 30 of Dave’s friends (always invite a few more than you plan the birthday for, because not everyone will be able to attend)
– Create a nice invitation with the location, time and date and send it out. Remember to add an RSVP so you know how many they will come
– Collect all RSVP in time and send reminders to the attendees

Step 3: Secure provisions
– Assess what the location provides you with
– Make a list of food, beverages, music, decorations and other things you might want to the party
– Make a shopping list and go shopping
– Hide it all from Dave, remember this is a surprise

Executing your plan will not always go in a linear manner from plan 1 to plan 3. Make sure you put these tasks in your calendar in the correct order so you maximize your efficiency.

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