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Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders: A Day at NEXT Sukkertoppen

In the heart of Copenhagen, something extraordinary is brewing at the NEXT Gymnasium. And yesterday, I had the privilege to witness it firsthand.
The Purposeful Pursuit of Sustainable Innovation

Every year, the second-year students at NEXT Gymnasium embark on a unique journey. Their mission? To conceive and develop a business idea rooted in the Global Sustainable Goals. This project challenges these young minds to think beyond profit margins and conventional business metrics. They’re tasked with addressing global challenges, such as climate change, sustainable consumption, and equity.

But here’s the twist. They don’t have years to craft their business model or to deeply understand the intricacies of entrepreneurship. Instead, they only have a few short months.

From Thought to Prototype

What truly impressed me was not just the ambitious timeline but how students navigate this journey. Theoretical lessons in classrooms have their own undeniable value, but NEXT Gymnasium believes in the age-old adage: ‘Learning by Doing’. And so, under the generous patronage of the Entrepreneurship Fund, students get a real-world crash course in entrepreneurship. They are paired with external business professionals who offer insights, mentorship, and a realistic peek into the world of startups and innovations.

Yesterday, as I sat among my fellow professionals at NEXT Sukkertoppen, I listened to the students from classes 2F and 2Y present their ideas. Each pitch brought forth a brilliant solution to pressing environmental and social issues. From initiatives focused on recycling to sustainable fashion solutions, water purification technology, and even safety-centric jewelry designs – the diversity and depth of their ideas was astounding.

Lessons Beyond the Classroom

The cookbooks advocating for a bug-based diet and the dual-function rain ponchos (that can also serve as shopping bags) particularly caught my attention. These weren’t just creative solutions; they were reflections of deeper insights into our consumer habits, sustainability, and the evolving dynamics of our world.

And it’s not just about the ideas. It’s about the spirit behind them. Each student radiated optimism, knowledge, and a genuine passion for positive change. Their energy was palpable, infectious even.

A Beacon of Hope

In an age where cynicism is easy and skepticism is often warranted, these young minds at NEXT Gymnasium serve as beacons of hope. They remind us that with the right guidance, resources, and support, the younger generation isn’t just ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow; they’re gearing up to redefine the very fabric of entrepreneurship.

In conclusion, my day at NEXT Sukkertoppen was more than just an event. It was a testament to the boundless potential of youth and a nod to the educators and mentors who shape them. I eagerly await the NEXT Cup in November, and if yesterday was any indication, we’re in for some groundbreaking innovations.

To the students, educators, professionals, and everyone at NEXT Gymnasium, I tip my hat. The future, it seems, is in competent and compassionate hands.