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Hi! I’m Diana.

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The Benefits of Personal Coaching

You are already all those things you want to be, you have it in you. Personal coaching helps you manifest your potential in a fast and sustainable manner. Working one-on-one with me it will guarantee you use the tools correctly to maximise the best outcome for you, it will provide you with accountability and make sure you stay on track at your own pace, and it will ensure that you create good habits that will help you long after the coaching is over. You will see a shift in your perspective from day one and that will propel your success.

About the Moving Forward Program

The Move Forward program is designed to take you from self-reflection and goal setting in MOTIVATION, through relationship building practices with yourself and others in TRUST, to efforts planning and structure in WORK. It is also created to help you cultivate a growth-mindset by exploring opportunities in challenges and preparing for them in TENACITY, as well as developing a more supportive, friendly and loving inside voice that will become a great asset in you journey to success in FEARLESSNESS. It will help you live up to your potential!

Who is Personal Coaching for?

Personal coaching is a learning process and it is suitable for everyone interested in learning about themselves with the scope of improving, developing, and living an intentional, successful and fulfilled life. The Move Forward program is a workflow that can be applied and replicated to any area of life such as: personal development, general life management, career, business, family, and relationships.

Book a Personal Coaching Session

Please note: First-time clients should always book a free 30-minute “Let’s meet” talk (initial session). During the free first session we will work to establish the framework for your personal coaching and take a first look at your challenges. Do you have a question? Get piece of mind! Start a conversation now »

If you have questions...

I am here to answer your questions about what coaching can do for you! Just start a conversation by sending me a quick message and you are on your way to more clarity.