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How to beat the coronavirus pan(dem)ic

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Worldwide, fear is spreading alongside the Coronavirus outbreak. This is surely a concerning situation and presumably outside of our control. However, I truly believe we should focus our efforts on those things that ARE under our control and strategically navigate those that aren’t.

Not sure what to do? Here is a start:
Master the information relevant to your area and respect the recommendations from the authorities.
Trust your gut and your ability to overcome this difficult situation.
Make a plan
and avoid making uninformed decisions.
Tackle the risks and be prepared.
Fear less, prepare and don’t panic.

This list of advice is based on the guidelines of the Move Forward program that was designed to help you overcome difficult situations, put your mind at ease and build a successful life by exercising intentionality.

We do it too

At home, we took this advice and we are complying with the recommendations from the authorities. Also, we decided early on that we would spend our time building this website and getting the business started, and that’s exactly what we did. Having a goal, something to focus on, it will keep you focused on what is important.

We also made a working schedule in morning/afternoon shifts to make sure that both my husband and I got to work and spend time with the kids. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to find out more about how we organize ourselves at home and how we move forward.

Use the proven business methods from the Move Forward program to build an intentional, successful and fulfilled life. Start by booking a free personal coaching session.

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