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We know you must have many questions about your new life in Denmark and we want to help.

#FLIGHT is being developed to help you better understand financial terms and practices in Denmark and to create a community that you can count on to answer your questions as you build your business further.

We are looking for a group of 10 women

that speak and write proficiently in English, that have a business or a business idea, and that can come to physical meetings in Copenhagen in the set dates. We will select the participants based on their motivation to apply, availability of the physical meetings, and their level of English, among other criteria. Please fill in the application form honestly and thoroughly.

Oct 14:

KICK-OFF the project LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop with Tatiana Gavrilova

Oct 28:

Banking in Denmark

Nov 2:

Personal taxes in Denmark with Irina Dicusara (IDconsult)

Nov 11:

Business in Denmark: Finance and accounting with Irina Dicusara (IDconsult) and Tatiana Gavrilova

Nov 23:

Personal finances and investment

Dec 2:

Graduation party

All sessions will be held

From 15:30 to 18:00 at Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship Porcelænshaven 26, 2000 Frederiksberg.