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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hi there growth-mindsetter! Here are some of the frequently asked questions and I hope you can find your answer here. If you still have doubts, let’s have a chat.

Coaching is a form of development achieved by interaction between people. The aim is to help you reach a goal through guided training and grow your skills and capabilities in the process. The purpose and results of coaching can vary widely from person to person and the challenges you face.

A personal coaching session is a 60 minutes individual and confidential meeting with me where we will:
– Discover what stands in your way of realising your potential
– Discuss what is important for you and what you should focus on
– Decide what is the best way for you to move forward
– Develop your strengths and sustainable habits

Personal coaching is exactly that, personal. The outcome depends greatly on your commitment, work and openness to change.

However, by working together, I can make sure you are using the tools and material the right way so you get the most out of the program. Also, personal coaching involves accountability for both parties. I am accountable to help you move forward, and you are accountable for actually doing the work.

Personal coaching pricing will be discussed during the free “Let’s meet session, after we agree on how often and what kind of service you would benefit the most from.

Personal coaching sessions are flexible to your availability and are mostly done online via video call (ZOOM). I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark so if you are in the area we can also meet up in person.

Please note the booking is done in my local time (CET). For bookings outside that schedule, due to time zone difference, please contact me directly.

Personal coaching sessions will take place as often as you want and need. This is something we will agree upon during our first session.

Move Forward at your own pace” is an on-demand coaching service where you book a personal session when you want. This gives you the flexibility and time you need to work through the things we discuss in the previous session.

Move fast Forward” is a once a week, intensive three hour coaching program recurring for five consecutive weeks. With a total of 15 coaching hours, the goal of the program is to increase the focus and intensity of your commitment to change so you can see faster and more substantial results. Read this to find out why that matters.

The personal coaching process will take as long as you want and need. Coaching is a goal based activity, so after reaching that goal you might want to stop the process. My goal is to teach you enough tools and habits so you can replicate the process on your own every time you need to move forward.

The coaching process is an ongoing activity that I recommend you never stop exercising. That is why I a building a library of self-coaching materials for you.

You can end your personal coaching program at anytime by writing directly to me.

However, I do recommend you do it before our last session so we can focus on reviewing your progress and closure.

What happens in personal coaching stays in personal coaching.

The mutual trust is an essential element in your progress and it directly affects your results from the program. Therefore, as my commitment to you, I will present you with an ethical code that will rule our relationship.